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Calendar of Upcoming Events, Meetings and Conference Calls

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Please note that all parish reps and members of the Diocese are invited to attend the Task Force Meetings.  The agenda for the meetings will be put on this workspace page by the Wednesday before each meeting.






Annual Epiphany Party
Year End Celebration!!!


Clearly our hearts and bodies have been ablaze with light and life this year.  We invite you to celebrate this light and to consider where it will lead us in the year to come at our somewhat belated Epiphany Celebration on Sunday, January 27th.


We will gather at Holy Innocent's in Beach Haven for this event as a sign of solidarity and a desire to keep connected with those who have suffered from Sandy.  The schedule for Sunday, January 27th is as follows:


9:30 AM -    Worship

11 AM -       MDG Task Force Meeting

Noon -         Epiphany Celebration Luncheon

1:30 PM -    Tour of Sandy Impact and Listening

2:15 PM -    Closing Prayer


Please RSVP to mdgtaskforcenj@gmail.com if you are able to join us.  We invite you to bring anyone in your parish who has been a part of your parish activities this year as well as your significant other (s). 






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