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For Convocation Representatives

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Overview of Role:


Convocation Representatives are expected to fulfill several functions.  In addition to being Convocation representatives, it is assumed that they will also serve as Parish Representatives and members of the MDG Task Force.  Convocation representatives are the primary contact for all parish representatives.  Their task is to be a welcoming and supportive resource for all representatives in their Convocation.  They set the tone for the Convocation.  


Convocation representatives are members of the MDG Task Force.  They are expected to attend the approximately five MDG Task Force meetings a year as representatives of their convocations.  They are to report on what is happening in their convocations and share ideas about how the MDG Task Force might serve them better.


Specific Expectations:


1.  Recruiting and welcoming new parish representatives

Ideally, the Convocation representatives will reach out to all churches in their Convocation that have not yet identified Parish Representatives and encourage them to do so.  Once new representatives have been identified the Convocation Representative will notify the Convocation Representative Coordinator. 


Names of some new parish representatives will be provided by the Convocation Coordinator.  In such instances, the Parish Representative will reach out to the new representative and arrange a meeting to review expectations, resources and materials available to support them. 


2.  Setting up and Leading Meetings of Parish Reps Twice a Year.

The Convocation is expected to hold meetings in September and January of each year.  The purpose of the meeting is to share ideas and accomplishments as well as to consider initiatives for the Advent and Lenten seasons.  The Convocation Representatives will be provided with information to share about the status of the MDGs, Episcopal Relief & Development and EPPN initiatives as well as other relevant resources.


3.  Maintaining Ongoing Contact with Parish Representatives and Rectors.

The Convocation Representatives will be expected reach out to the Parish Representatives and, where appropriate, the rectors of all parishes in their respective Convocations to inform them of relevant upcoming events.


4.  Maintaining Ongoing Communications with Convocation Coordinator

The Convocation Representative is expected to keep in contact with the Convocation Coordinator.  This includes calls and or e-mails to share information that might be of general interest as well as to highlight activities that deserve further publicity.


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